Keren Toledano is a self-taught artist based in New York City. She received her BA in English from Harvard and her MA in Arts & Humanities Education from NYU. She worked as a literary agent, Hollywood story editor, freelance writer and film archivist, before committing herself to the creative life. After publishing several short stories in literary journals, writer’s block led her to explore fine art. In her first solo show in 2017, THE ACT BUT NOT THE THING IS SACRED, she coupled abstract collage with excerpts from her torn up stories—a reminder never to marry her darlings.

She now splits her time between painting and writing, finding connections across disciplines. In addition to collaborations with home decor brands and art publishers, her work has been featured at international fairs and in publications such as Maker’s Magazine.

You can view her published writing work HERE.


I have always been drawn to work of Basqiat and Twombly, both masters at abstraction that is at once harmonious and loose. In my current work, there is the constant sense that one has been here before, that beneath the outermost layer of canvas, there is a quiet world of story and texture.

I begin each piece in chaotic creation, filling the surface with graffiti and marks. Icelandic runes. Fragments from my unwritten stories. As I progress through the layers, an order takes shape. But the underlying notes remain visible beneath, sometimes reappearing as collage or embroidery.

All elements are links between present and past, a reminder we are nowhere without where we have been.


1996 BA in English, Harvard University, Boston, MA

2003 MA in Arts & Humanities Education, New York University, NYC


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2017 THE ACT BUT NOT THE THING IS SACRED, solo show, The Yard @ Williamsburg, BK